Above and Beyond

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These two soliders displayed one of the greatest shows of dedication and love I have ever seen. Journeying 20 miles Project Bread’s 2009 Walk for Hunger, these soldiers carried their load which weighs about 65lbs (I know, I tried it on!), in uniform complete with boots. Mind you, that day was sweltering well into the 80s. Together, the duo raised over 2500 dollars to help feed the hungry. I had the pleasure of running into these gentlemen a few times and at the 16 mile mark, they spotted a young child about the age of 5 crying because he had been separated from his mother during the walk. One of them stayed with the boy while the other tracked down his mom. I saw the mother and son reunited at the finish line and the little boy proudly marching through the Boston Commons wearing one of the soldier’s hat. Going well above and beyond the call of duty, these soldiers are truly heroes. They GMH.


Time [ Cheers to 2010 ]

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Another year gone by.
365 days,
Pass within a blink.
Time escaped me.
So caught up in the moment,
I didn’t notice the clock.





I think back,
Sometimes I wish I could change
Just one thing.
But while time escapes me,
I cannot escape time
Or change what has been done.
Time is a constant thing,
Never ending.
Moving forward,
Even when I wish it to stop.
But time,
It is not a sad thing.
Because it gave me the past
It’s giving me the present
And most of all,
It’s allowing me to make a future,
To live each day
For the greater good.

And now,
As I watch the ball drop,


Taking me towards a new day


A new year


I smile to myself


This is it


A chance for a new start


A time to forgive


I open my arms


And embrace the future


This is my life


Happy New Year.