I Do It For My Dad

Everyone has that one thing that keeps them going. No obstacle seems too daunting with that one piece of motivation. I do it for my dad.

I remember a back in high school when I was competing in the state-wide science fair. I distinctly remember receiving my award for 2nd place and there was no louder cheer or smile than that from my father. He beamed with honor. A single tear fell from his eye. I had never seen him so proud in my life.

Even to this day, I forward him my college grade reports and he can’t wait to show it off to his buddies or to the congregation at the church.

Although my father disapproves my relationship with an African-American man, I know in his heart that I’m still his little girl and I know that he’s proud of me. It keeps me going in the hardest of times. My goal is to keep my father proud of me in all aspects of my life. I do it for my dad.


~ by Dina on March 6, 2010.

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