& I Am…Who?

My name is Dina and I am 21 years old and currently attending Eastern Nazarene College. My current major is Business Administration and I plan on continuing to obtain my degree in Computer Science.

I own a computer repair business called Bugs and Chips. I enjoy repairing, upgrading, and building computers from scratch. I took apart my first computer when I was 11 and hit the ground running from there. Everyone knows me as that “computer nerd”, and I will never be caught without the latest technology. =)

On my own time, I love playing piano. I feel that I can relay my inmost feelings by the kind of music I play and compose. I’ve been playing since the age of six but had a falling out and quit a few years ago. Now, I’ve been playing and practicing more than ever and I plan to record most of my music on here.

Volleyball is my favorite sport and I’ve played on varsity for my full four years in high school at O’Bryant. Go Lady Tigers!! We were five time city champions and have played in the states many times. I learned quite a few of life lessons through my coach and memories that will not soon be forgotten.

Poetry is one of my passions as well. I’ve amassed a collection of over 300 different poems since I began writing in the 6th grade. It was there that I wrote my first love poem and have never disclosed who it was to. Writing helps me release my emotions when I don’t have a piano available. There’s just something magical about the words that flow from my heart to my pen.

I’m a water baby and during the summer months you will always find me at College Pond in Plymouth, MA. I absolutely love lounging in the shade there, as well as swimming laps around the lake. If you’ve never been there, I suggest you go. It’s so relaxing and beautiful.

Also, I love video games. You’ll see me mainly playing action/adventure or thrill games. Of course Guitar Hero and Rockband are a must. I currently own a PS3 and Wii console. Anything that has multiplayer, I’ll be online. My PS3 Network ID is MAJORsilence. Add me! =)

You’ll never catch me without a book either. Some of my favorite authors include Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Dan Brown, Janet Evanovich, and Ken Follett. Nothing beats snuggling up in the winter with a cozy blanket, a hot cup of tea and a book in front of the fireplace.

I am currently in the travel and hospitality field and work in two major Boston hotels. I enjoy meeting people from around the world and have learned quite a lot about various cultures. Traveling has been one of my passions since I entered into this field when I was just 16. Life’s too short just to sit around in one place. There’s a whole world waiting to be explored and conquered!

Occasionally, I like to venture out and snap a few pictures and, if they come out good, have them framed. You’ll see a new photo here from time to time that I have taken.

I hope this little excerpt has given you a little insight to who I am and what I enjoy. ❤


~ by Dina on January 3, 2010.

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